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Asset Protection & Tax Planning

Tax-Planning Attorney for Asset Protection in Sacramento, CA

Planning ahead to avoid unnecessary taxes and deter future creditors

In today’s highly litigious society, many Californians find themselves increasingly concerned with protecting their assets in the event of a future lawsuit. At the Bedell Law Office, we personally guide our clients through asset-protection planning to safeguard their estate from creditors and judgments. By treating tax planning as a cornerstone of an effective estate plan, we help clients avoid unnecessary taxes — during their lifetime and long after. For more than a decade, attorney Jeffrey Bedell has provided numerous middle-aged or newly retired Californians with the peace of mind of proper planning.

How does asset protection work?

Asset protection refers to legal actions a person can take to safeguard their assets from the potential claims of creditors. The purpose of these actions is to prevent or make it difficult for creditors to obtain your assets or collect judgments against you. While asset-protection planning can be performed in cases involving low- or high-value assets, managing estates and assets of high value typically requires the establishment of wills, trusts, business partnerships, business entities or other legal arrangements. By ensuring you hold title to your assets, our Sacramento attorney helps you deter creditors that would find it challenging to collect on a judgment or that would rather settle for far less than pursue a claim.

Well versed in effective asset-protection planning techniques

At the Bedell Law Office, we thoroughly evaluate your current holdings and weigh them against potential liability to suggest the most effective asset-protection planning techniques for your unique circumstances. There is an important distinction between legal asset-protection measures and attempts to defraud and otherwise illegally deter creditors. Whether addressing an advance directive, ensuring the validity of a will, mitigating the penalties of death taxes or helping you form a business entity, attorney Jeffrey Bedell shields your hard-earned assets through techniques including:

  • Gifts of property: A gift of property mitigates the risk of creditors by removing assets from your estate. An example would be the transfer of a property to a child, absolving that property from potential attacks from your creditors—though the child’s creditors can pursue claims.
  • Insurance: Transferring the risk associated with your assets to an insurance company is a highly effective way of shielding those assets. Unlike a will, a life insurance plan allows beneficiaries to receive assets without costly probate or taxes.
  • Retirement plans: By setting up comprehensive accounts and measuring the costs and benefits of taxes, a retirement plan protects your assets from potential attack.
  • Forming business entities: Forming a business entity, such as an LLC, LLP or C corporation, provides business owners with more liability protection and a higher potential for tax advantages.

Protect your assets for future generations

The Bedell Law Office provides straightforward estate planning counsel in the greater Sacramento area. We work hard to protect our clients’ assets and ensure their heirs don’t suffer from exorbitant taxes. Call 916-473-1067 or contact us online for your initial consultation — and get a response within 24 hours. We offer honest and straightforward pricing for all our services.

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